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25 August 2021
Virtual Summit



Next week, the Technology in Construction Virtual Summit will explore the future of connected construction

Posted On August 18, 2021

The Technology in Construction Virtual Summit will bring the building community together via Zoom on the 25th of August for an opportunity to engage with the industry, learn about the new technologies within the space and discover ways to future-proof construction operations.
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Innovation: The Key To Unlocking The Future of Smart Construction

Posted On July 15, 2021

The construction industry is one of the least digitalized industries in the world. Traditional business methods still dominate the construction sector, even though construction projects are becoming more complex.
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Construction Technology is Reshaping the Industry

Posted On July 15, 2021

What do a pickup truck, a nail gun, a portable circular saw, a cement mixer truck, and a modern hydraulic excavator all have in common? The obvious answer is that they are all tools and equipment commonly found on construction sites today. Another correct answer would be that they are all pieces of construction technology that didn’t exist 100 years ago.
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The Future of Construction: 10 Technologies and Trends to Watch in 2021

Posted On July 14, 2021

The amount of disruption that construction faced in 2020 was staggering. Amid the lockdowns, delays and restrictions caused by COVID-19, construction stakeholders demonstrated their resilience by adapting to the challenges and changing standards. When considering these obstacles, it is impressive what construction workers accomplished and the speed at which adjustments were made in the face of struggle. In 2021, many will build on lessons learned, potentially in these 10 ways.
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25 August 2021

Virtual Summit



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